homemade pancakes with self rising flour
24th Jun

Homemade Pancakes With Self Rising Flour Anyone?

homemade pancakes with self rising flour

Homemade pancakes with self rising flour. This is a combination I have found is hard to beat when preparing and eating pancakes like this.

The levels of obesity and diabetes are increasing dramatically year on year, especially in the developed world. With countries including the USA, Canada, UK and Australia having the highest figures in the world, when it comes to both these conditions. One of the biggest culprits for theis the unhealthy fast food culture. With the takeaway preparation occuring in drive thrus, diners and restaurants.

  • What’s the Solution to this tackling this problem?

One solution to tackling this problem, is to create your own homemade fastfood. A healthier, tasty and fast to prepare soltution would be keto fast food.

By preparing at home, you have the control what you put in your ingredients, and how healthy or unhealthy you want your food. So for example, if you want pancakes with self raising flour and no eggs. Due to you working from your own kitchen and using your own ingredients. Then ultimately you what you are putting into your pancake, or whatever else you may be cooking.

So whether you are creating keto side dishes, main courses or desserts. By you having the control of the ingredients and how the dish is cooked. Then this  can be a significant step for you to produce healthier and tasty dishes for you and your family.

Why Choose Keto for Your Pancakes and Other Dishes?

If you don’t what keto is, or what it means. I will give you a brief description below:

Keto is referred commonly known as being the low-carb diet, ketogenic diet and low carb, high fat diet. When you body is low in carbs, it breaks down fats instead. This fat digestion produces a substance called ketone bodies, hence where the term keto comes from.

  •  Keto means good news for obesity and diabetes
    Homemade pancakes with self rising flour

The reason a high keto digestion can be beneficial to yourself. This is because if you have a diet high in carbs then glucose and insulin is produced in high quanities. If they happens over a long period of time, and coupled with an inactive unhealthy lifestyle then this can lead to conditions such as type 2 diabetes, and increase obesity levels too.

The benefits of introducing keto side dishes into your diet, can have a profound effect to both the quality of your health, and the quality of your life. The reason I introduced the term earlier keto fast food, is to demonstrate you can still have access to fast food from the comfort of your own home. Which can be both tasty and healthy. A good example would be crepes with self raising flour.

  • Other great ideas for healthy pancakes
    homemade pancakes with self rising flour

Apart from keto pancakes, you have other choices out there that are both equally tasty and healthy. A great example of pancakes with self raising flour and no eggs would be a protein pancakes. For a long time protein pancakes were very popular mainly with bodybuilders and high performance athletes. This is simply not the case now. This type of pancake is far more mainstream, with its healthy benefits much more recognised now.

Protein pancakes are delicious with coconut, almond and self raising flour. I must admit my favorite is self raising flour. So if anyone asks me the question, homemade pancakes with self raising flour anyone? My answer is always yes every time.

Other ideas include gluten free pancakes too. If you are unaware what  gluten is. It is a type of protein found in foods that have wheat, barley, oats and rye in them. In some people who cannot tolerate gluten. They can develop conditions such as IBS or celiac disease.

The important thing to remember is you can enjoy gluten free foods such as pancakes, without having to be glucose intolerant.

Savoury pancakes low carb pancakes also make a great starter or main dish. You can add delicious topping such as avocado, spinach and cream cheese. Importantly they can also be gluten free too.

Homemade Pancakes With Self Rising Flour Anyone?

I do like both protein and gluten free pancakes. However my favorite is homemade pancakes with self rising flour. As a keto side dish I look forward to this more than any other pancake. Also it has to be a dessert option over savoury. Though i do like both almost equally. The dessert pancake is the ultimate keto fast food for me.

So whether its pancakes or crepes with self raising flour or whatever you want to call them. You have so many different ways of preparation, as well as an exciting range of healthy toppings.

Its healthy homemade fast food for me, and pancakes have well and truly been added to this list now.

Now that you have read this article, now is the take to take action and enjoy your own healthy homemade pancakes.  You may be asking the very same question i ask my friends and family. Homemade pancakes with self rising flour, anyone?



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