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Healthy Carrots Pancake Recipe

You know that orange vegetable that you like chewing upon absentmindedly as a snack during lunch? It tastes really healthy? Well, we call it a carrot and we use it as an ingredient in a lot of meals. I’ve always liked carrots and healthy pancake recipes. I developed my love for it from watching Bugs Bunny as a child and then acquired a taste for it I grew up. Healthy pancake is one of the best option for your breakfast.

healthy pancake recipe

Most of us have a natural fondness for carrots and we use it as garnish, in desserts and what not. I was recently looking for a healthy pancake recipe for my friend when I came across this really strange one of carrot cake pancakes. Now I’ve had carrot cake.

 I adore carrot cake but I’ve never had healthy carrot pancakes recipes and it got me wondering whether it was really nutritious enough because of the word cake in it.

Now we are all aware of the crazy number of health benefits that carrots provide us with.

healthy pancakes

It not only prevents heart disease but it improves our vision and makes our skin healthier.

  • The pancake recipe in itself contained flour
  • Walnuts
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Low fat buttermilk
  • Canola oil
  • Eggs
  • Carrots and honey and a few other commonplace items.

The carrot pancake recipes contain an overall calorie count of 315 calories, add and subtract a few. Compared to the maple syrup drenched, solely flour pancakes, these are a lot healthier and along with that they provide excellent nutritious value.

Carrots healthy pancakes contain a large amount of Vitamin A which plays an integral role in doing wonders for our eye sight. The beta-carotene in carrots changes into Vitamin A inside our liver which is later used to make our eyes better.

The beta – carotene also slows down the aging of cells which is fantastic news for women out there. Carrot slows down aging.  We have found our fountain of youth!

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healthy pancake recipe

This healthy pancake recipe is a combination of healthy ingredients and we make it healthier by using low fat buttermilk and honey butter instead of normal butter. It is the small things which make the difference.

Carrots alone do not make healthy carrot cake pancakes. Like every drop of water makes an ocean and a sea, it is the same ways with these pancake recipes. Every ingredient and its amount make this pancake recipe healthy carrot cake pancakes.  Oatmeal pancakes is also a healthy and best recipe, try it and Enjoy !

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