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16th Jun

Carbs In Pancakes : Discover The Shocking Truth!

Carbs in pancakes? This is probably one of the most unlikely questions you will ask yourself, whether you are eating out or in the comfort of your own home. However, it really is a question you should ask yourself before tucking into your next pancake.

The next few paragraphs will reveal the shocking truth about the carb content of your typical pancakes.

As you can see from the picture below, this pancake looks especially tempting to eat, and is very likely to be delicious too. However, if you are currently on a calorie controlled or restricted diet, then this is likely to provide a challenge for you to reach your weight and lifestyle goals.

carbs in pancakes

Excluding carbs in pancakes syrup and any other additional ingredients. You are still looking at a substantial amount of carb intake into your daily diet with the pancake alone. Even carbs in pancake homemade can rival those from your favorite diner for content.


 If you haven’t checked the ingredients label then you really need to start reading them. Whether its carbs in pancakes at ihop, carbs in pancakes at cracker mill, or in fact anywhere from your grocery store to online, you may be in for a very big shock when you do.

To illustrate a good example, the typical carb content of two 4″ Plain Pancakes is around 16g. However, this figure goes higher when you consume two 4” Buttermilk and Blueberry Pancakes. Respectively they have 21 and 22g of carb content each.

Is there a solution to this problem? When you want to occasionally indulge in a pancake treat, but you want to avoid the sky-high carb content. Thankfully the answer is a resounding yes.

The good news is, there is a variety of different types of pancakes that offer  reduced carbs in pancakes content.

The choice of pancakes include the following:

Carb Content (g) two 4” Pancakes

Rye                                                        19

Sour Dough                                          14

Cornmeal                                             13

Buckwheat                                           9

Protein                                                  6

What is really important to remember is that less carbs, doesn’t take away from the taste and overall enjoyment from eating your pancakes.



carbs in pancakes

The pancake is only the start of the problem, the carb count is further compounded by the addition of ingredients with high sugar content. One of the biggest culprits, and a favorite addition for many is maple syrup.

Wait for it.  Are you sitting down? The amount of carbs in pancakes syrup can measure up to an astonishing 67g for every 100g serving.

In addition by adding other ingredients including ice cream and sweet flavor sauces can take the carb count to well over 100g per portion.


carbs in pancakes

Thankfully the answer is yes. It is possible to reduce both carbs in pancakes homemade and bought. Simply by adding fruit without any artificial sugars, can give you 11 g of carb content ( two 4” pancakes).

Not a fan of fruit, not to worry. By adding chocolate chip, you can reduce carbs in pancakes to 12g per portion (two 4” pancakes).

Looking for even lower carb ideas for your healthy but tasty pancakes. Then look no further than cream cheese. A 2oz serving of cream cheese delivers a lowly 1.5g of carbs.

You no longer have to overindulge in carbs in pancakes syrup and sweet sauces. Cream cheese also has the added benefit of being both gluten free and also relatively low in calories too.


I must admit I enjoy both the experience of dining out and having homemade pancakes. Which is the winner when it comes to eating healthier lower carb pancakes?

The answer is both options can be a winning choice.

If you enjoy dining out, then by making sure you ask upfront for lower carb options on the menu. By replacing carbs in pancakes syrup with healthier choices including fruit and cream cheese. Then you stack the odds very much in your favor to enjoy a healthier pancake treat.

If you wish to enjoy a homemade pancake instead, simply being proactive by checking out the low carb options, can make all the difference. So whether you are looking to reduce carbs in pancakes at ihop,  pancakes at cracker barrel or any of your favorite grocery or online outlets. It will only take a few moments more of your time during your day. The winning payoff is tknowing you are able to enjoy tasty and lower carb pancakes from the comfort of your own home.


carbs in pancakes

The most important points to take away from reading this article are, you don’t have to sacrifice enjoyment of your favorite pancakes, by reducing the carb count in them. See it as an opportunity to try new pancakes such rye and buckwheat. As well as adding new healthy tasty toppings such as fruit and cream cheese.

By lowering carbs in pancakes this can lead you to expanding this to many other aspects of your diet, and your life in general.

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