23rd Mar

Can Pancakes be Healthy?

I’m sure we all love pancakes. I certainly do! It is my favorite breakfast of the week and sometimes, twice a week. So what if I like to start my breakfast with something sweet, rather than the same old boiled eggs or whatnot? I like my pancake sweet, sugary, and drowning in maple syrup.

However, lately, my weighing scale had been protesting so I tried to cut back on various food items, not that it had any impact. So I looked sadly at my heaped pancake plate and could not deny the truth. But I always feel that life is too short and that stopping yourself from what you love is cruelty. So while on one hand I wanted to maintain my figure, I also did not want to leave my favorite breakfast item.


I love improvising and that is exactly what I did. The internet is such a wonderful invention. It opens so many doors for you. Apparently, there are so many different ways you can make pancakes which cut back on the calories and give you a boost of energy and since I love cooking from scratch, this wasn’t any hardship for me.

Moving from straight flour pancakes to healthy ones seems a bit too much but the variety out there is astounding and some of them are of really great taste. Whole wheat pancakes and carrot cake pancake are two delicious forms out there which are very easy to make and are both under 350 calories each. Even better than both of these are the whole wheat blueberry pancakes. And they are less than 250 calories. Eating them with a side dish of fruit seems like a heavenly combination!

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Peanut butter pancakes are amazingly good and they give you a higher dose of protein and fats which are good for the heart and these pancakes too tend to offer less than 359 calories and they taste absolutely amazing!

Now we all know that pancake batter includes a little bit of oil. Calories! Calories! Calories! But what if they don’t have to be? Let me introduce you to the Apple Sauce Pancakes. Instead of oil, you put in apple sauce and then using a cooking spray, cook those oil free pancakes, saving yourself the excess fat and calories.

The point is that if you want to eat healthy, there are better and delicious options out there and you only just have to look.

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