4th Apr

Buckwheat Pancakes Nutrition – Healthiest Pancakes!

I remember eating pancakes as a child. I grew up on healthy pancakes. It was the designated weekend breakfast and eating them now brings back fond memories. I still enjoy eating them but now I prefer to have a healthy version of those pancakes. I was introduced to buckwheat pancakes by a friend. Although one of the most nutritious food items out there, I was never a big fan of buckwheat. But as I have shifted towards the world of healthy eating, buckwheat has become one of the main ingredients I have started including.

Buckwheat pancakes, however, taste so different and they have this unique but addicting taste. Using buckwheat flour, pure maple syrup and zero added oils, this recipe provides a low calorie filling and delicious meal. A purely vegan meal, it is completely sugar free and gluten free as well.

healthy pancakes


Nutritional Content

These healthy pancakes have a total of 4.5g fat out of which saturated fat is 0%. Along with this, there is 0% cholesterol and a sodium content of 16%. The total carbohydrates are 40g of which the dietary fiber is 12g and sugar is a mere 1g. This much fiber is bound to be good for you. It also gives 11 g of protein.

These buckwheat pancakes provides 6% of Vitamin A, contain 15% of Iron and provide 25% of calcium. The calorie amount is 240 per serving and these pancakes tend to be one of the healthiest meals out there, in terms of pancakes. So it would be right to name them healthy pancakes. Topping these buckwheat pancakes with pure maple syrup, jam, or even nutella, makes for such a delicious morning breakfast.

Buckwheat in itself contains a lot of beneficial nutrients. Rich in many trace minerals such as copper, manganese and magnesium, it provides a good amount of Vitamin B.  Buckwheat is not a grain but it contains something we like to call resistance fiber. Buckwheat helps lower blood sugar after meals. It’s very beneficial for people with diabetes and for those individuals who need to lose weight or are trying to, this reduces cravings and helps in weight loss.  It helps with digestion and does not contain chemicals and also is used to treat high blood pressure. Rutin is extracted from its leaves for blood pressure medicine.

healthy pancakes

So you can see that Buckwheat is one of those amazing food items which provide an endless list of benefits to people. Using it in pancakes can help all those people who want a healthier version of what they had already been eating all their lives.

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