22nd Mar

Blueberry banana and spinach pancake

It has become a trend to add the greens to our daily meals. And why not? It is certainly more health and it brings a difference in our lifestyle, a good difference.pancake On advice from a close friend who is a fitness freak, I even once added spinach to my fruit smoothie. It didn’t taste bad, if I may say so. A little bland, maybe, but not bad!!!


So when I was told to try Blueberry Banana and Spinach Pancakes, it is understandable that I was curious. A little apprehensive at first, but curious nonetheless. Pancakes is supposed to be a breakfast meal. I didn’t want to eat spinach at breakfast. All vegetable related items are supposed to be consumed as after breakfast meals. Not during breakfast!

However, my friend makes a killer blueberry banana and spinach pancakes and she force fed me the first bite. One bite is all it took. My love affair with these pancakes started. I know it is hard to believe, but they even tasted healthy in a good way. Although their appearance was far from appealing, they had this greenish hue, courtesy of the spinach but, the taste was perfect.


I watched her throw in the ingredients and it took some time but the fiber content provided by the spinach is very high. Along with that basic essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin K and folate are all combined in these delicious blueberry banana and spinach pancakes.

The name Blueberry banana and spinach pancake is enough to define its contents. The taste of the spinach cannot be distinguished from the mixing of flavors of the blueberry, the bananas and the slight maple syrup. The ingredients to this are many aside from what were in the title of this pancake. Items like Soy milk, whole wheat flour, and cinnamon are all mixed together to form this healthy breakfast alternative.



The banana cream sauce which accompanies this dish is a combination of a mashed banana vanilla nonfat Greek Yogurt, and soy milk and this mouthwatering cream just enhances the flavor of the pancakes whilst working its own magic on your taste buds. The entire meal contains around 300 calories which is not a bad deal if I may say so myself. It also has 4% fat overall which is not that much. This meal is nutritious, healthy and a dream for all those who wish to change their lifestyle into a healthy one.

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