23rd Mar

Banana Sweet Potato Pancakes with Honey Nut Yogurt

Pancakes are a part of our daily lives. It feeds us warmth and love and it doesn’t matter what diet you want to go on, nothing hurts more than abandoning those sweet tasting bites of love and happiness. I recently had to shed a few of those annoying pounds and everything was fine and dandy till I realized that my favorite twice a week breakfast was going to be banned for me. It was very upsetting so I decided to look for pancakes which were a little healthier perhaps and I came across an amazing assortment.

healthy pancakes

The variety was endless and it amazed me at how creative the human mind can be when pushed. I was accustomed to my simple flour pancakes, doused in maple syrup and maybe a hint of fruit. But these recipes that I was looking at were so unique. There was one in particular which caught my attention. It was titled Banana Sweet Potato Pancakes with Honey Nut Yogurt’. A long name, no doubt, but it seemed absolutely delicious.

The recipe suggested a mixture of roasted sweet potatoes which were included in the batter and you added Greek yogurt sauce as a topping to decrease the sugar. Although it was a vegetable based pancake, it seemed very appealing.

The roasted sweet potatoes added to the fiber content and it made the pancakes quiet moist and delectable. The greek yogurt sauce on the other hand did not just cut down on the sugar. It increased the protein level of the meal and we all know how essential proteins are for weight loss. They build our muscle mass which is a necessary requirement.


The banana portion of the meal helps in digestion and assists one reach their weight loss goals. They help the heart as well and cardiovascular diseases are kept at bay. Along with that, the number of vitamins that that bananas provide is no joke. They are good for our skin, our body and our soul. I always like taking bananas with my pancakes so I was thrilled to see that bananas were the part of my new breakfast meal.

These multiple array of benefits that you get from just this one meal had me rethinking my earlier cry of distress. Maybe it is time for a change. After all, what is life if we do not keep bringing change and development into it!

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