How to have a YUM Factor in Healthy Pancakes

khhHow would you eat your pancakes? With spread and syrup? Do you ever get exhausted with simply spread and syrup? Do you ever need something more? Do you ever need something other than what’s expected? Wouldn’t you adore more tasty and healthy pancakes?

There is an approach to improve healthy pancakes taste. Mind you, pancakes as of now are really heavenly as may be. There resemble having essential, plain cake that is slathered in spread and covered with syrup.

Margarine and syrup are an awesome mix, however now and then you need something other than what’s expected yet despite everything you need to have cake for breakfast.

Are you Choosing Typical Healthy Pancakes Ingredient?

You can have cake for breakfast and make it additional unique. Have you ever had a go at utilizing another pancake recipe? Trust it or not, there are huge amounts of various pancake recipes out there, and they are not all plain, essential formulas. You can make them with a wide range of innovativeness.

Take a stab at searching for something completely extraordinary like Chocolate Healthy Pancakes, nutty spread healthy pancake, sharp cream hotcakes, buttermilk pancakes, strawberry pancakes, and the rundown goes on. Who knows what you could discover there to throw together in the kitchen for breakfast?


In the event that you aren’t occupied with searching another recipe for pancakes in light of the fact that the one you have is essential however attempted and genuine. It’s been tried and you know it’s what you need. In the event that you like that one, utilize it however make it additional uncommon. There are such a large number of healthy pancakes ingredient you can make it additional unique.


Toss whatever you need into the recipe for pancakes. You will be pleased with what you can concoct. Have a go at including berries or other natural product like cut bananas. This is a more advantageous let delectable option that you will love.

Chocolate Healthy Pancakes

In the event that you need something less healthy, think of desserts. Toss in some chocolate chips or cleave up your most loved treat and toss it in. Adore chocolate toffee? Toss in a split up toffee bar. Can’t get enough Reese’s? Hack up some Chocolate Healthy Pancakes and toss them in.


Healthy Pancakes Toppings with Cream and other Ingredients etc

Whatever you choose, simply ensure it’s scrumptious. Toss Healthy Pancakes Toppings to complete off a flavorful mix. You’ll adore me for it!


Topping is as important as the taste of a healthy pancake because your presentation will let others know about your taste. So never take it light for the stuff of over top.


You know that orange vegetable that you like chewing upon absentmindedly as a snack during lunch? It tastes really healthy? Well, we call it a carrot and we use it as an ingredient in a lot of meals. I’ve always liked carrots and healthy pancake recipes. I developed my love for it from watching Bugs Bunny as a child and then acquired a taste for it I grew up. Healthy pancake is one of the best option for your breakfast.

healthy pancake recipe

Most of us have a natural fondness for carrots and we use it as garnish, in desserts and what not. I was recently looking for a healthy pancake recipe for my friend when I came across this really strange one of carrot cake pancakes. Now I’ve had carrot cake.

 I adore carrot cake but I’ve never had healthy carrot pancakes recipes and it got me wondering whether it was really nutritious enough because of the word cake in it.

Now we are all aware of the crazy number of health benefits that carrots provide us with.

healthy pancakes

It not only prevents heart disease but it improves our vision and makes our skin healthier.

  • The pancake recipe in itself contained flour
  • Walnuts
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Low fat buttermilk
  • Canola oil
  • Eggs
  • Carrots and honey and a few other commonplace items.

The carrot pancake recipes contain an overall calorie count of 315 calories, add and subtract a few. Compared to the maple syrup drenched, solely flour pancakes, these are a lot healthier and along with that they provide excellent nutritious value.

Carrots healthy pancakes contain a large amount of Vitamin A which plays an integral role in doing wonders for our eye sight. The beta-carotene in carrots changes into Vitamin A inside our liver which is later used to make our eyes better.

The beta – carotene also slows down the aging of cells which is fantastic news for women out there. Carrot slows down aging.  We have found our fountain of youth!

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healthy pancake recipe

This healthy pancake recipe is a combination of healthy ingredients and we make it healthier by using low fat buttermilk and honey butter instead of normal butter. It is the small things which make the difference.

Carrots alone do not make healthy carrot cake pancakes. Like every drop of water makes an ocean and a sea, it is the same ways with these pancake recipes. Every ingredient and its amount make this pancake recipe healthy carrot cake pancakes.  Oatmeal pancakes is also a healthy and best recipe, try it and Enjoy !

How to make Healthy Pancakes Toppings

The best part about the weekend is getting up at your leisure and having time to make your favorite breakfast. On weekdays you are in such a hurry that you find whatever is convenient and just shove it in your mouth and are on your way. But the weekends are like a home away from home. You put on your apron and get to play in your kitchen. Thus, my designated weekend breakfast are pancakes and to throw in a little twist, healthy pancakes toppings.

I am not a big fan of the packaged pancake mix. Yes, it is convenient but all I see in that box are packaged and vacant calories hidden in the sugar and other ingredients. Thus, I usually prefer to choose the different types and quantities of ingredients. I often substitute flour for whole grain flour and go for healthy pancakes toppings. Usually if I do not want to make such obvious changes to the ingredients and I stick to the classic pancake recipe, my focus is on making sure that I substitute the maple syrup and canned fruits for more healthy pancakes toppings.


When you talk about healthy pancakes, you always assume that an abundance of healthy ingredients is involved in the making of those pancakes. However, healthy pancakes do not just constitute cutting out on the best parts of what makes pancakes what they are. I believe that you should cut calories where you can and where you want to. If you like the basic pancake as they are, then shift your attention on making the toppings healthier.

Your healthy pancakes toppings can come in such a large variety. Does the phrase ‘the world is your oyster’ ring any bells? Some very simple types of healthy pancakes toppings can be as follow:


  • Mixed Berry Puree

Taking a bunch of sweet blueberries, black berries and raspberries make a puree out of them by mixing them in a blender and then heating that mixture in a pot on the stove. Add some honey if you want to sweeten the entire puree. These will go a long way in making for very healthy pancakes toppings. Instead of the store bough jam which has a number of preservatives and large amounts of sugar; Mixed Berry Puree is a better and healthier option.


  • Peaches and Low Fat Yogurt

If you are in the mood for peaches, then take a can of juicy sliced peaches and cover your pancakes with a generous spoonful of peaches and a large scoop of low fat vanilla yogurt. Make sure that the can you use for the peaches, specifies that it is a juice one and not the syrup one because that will also help reducing the sugar content by a long way.


  • Sweet Apples and Cinnamon Topping

A sweet but spicy taste on your pancakes n the morning really gives you a jolt and gets you moving. Sugar is nice but so is spice. A combination of apple and cinnamon has always been a classic one and this time it is no different. Using it as a healthy pancakes topping, it is low calorie and quite nutritious! Cutting your apple into slices, you sprinkle it with cinnamon and bake it for a few minutes to achieve its golden coloring and delicious taste! You can also follow Apple Sauce Pancake Recipe.



Now if you are one of those people who like variety in their food and a different twist to every meal, you can even make healthy pancakes by applying unique healthy pancakes toppings. If you want to move away from the daily classical pancakes only covered in maple syrup, then look at the following ideas which will give you a savory experience altogether.


  • Chevre and Spinach Topping

Want to break away from the same traditional pancakes you get to eat every Sunday? Go for something savory rather than that familiar sweet taste you have become accustomed to. This healthy pancake topping asks for a combination of creamy low fat goat’s milk cheese (chevre) and tender baby spinach. These are not only healthy but taste absolutely delicious and are very low calorie and healthy at the same time!


  • Almond Butter and Bananas Topping

Protein is one of those nutrients whose name we actually know and remember. This particular pancake topping is bursting with this special nutrient. Natural almond nut butter has a very high protein content. Top that with freshly sliced bananas and you have hit the mother load! A mouthwatering combination, it makes you want to gulp down a dozen of these.


  • Maple and Turkey bacon Topping

Bacon is an all-time favorite breakfast item so are pancakes. So why not mix the two. Instead of the fattening and greasy bacon, opt for low fat lean turkey bacon and use pure maple syrup. These make for a pretty interesting combination and will no doubt leave your taste buds tingling.

Buckwheat Pancakes Nutrition – Healthiest Pancakes!

I remember eating pancakes as a child. I grew up on healthy pancakes. It was the designated weekend breakfast and eating them now brings back fond memories. I still enjoy eating them but now I prefer to have a healthy version of those pancakes. I was introduced to buckwheat pancakes by a friend. Although one of the most nutritious food items out there, I was never a big fan of buckwheat. But as I have shifted towards the world of healthy eating, buckwheat has become one of the main ingredients I have started including.

Buckwheat pancakes, however, taste so different and they have this unique but addicting taste. Using buckwheat flour, pure maple syrup and zero added oils, this recipe provides a low calorie filling and delicious meal. A purely vegan meal, it is completely sugar free and gluten free as well.

healthy pancakes


Nutritional Content

These healthy pancakes have a total of 4.5g fat out of which saturated fat is 0%. Along with this, there is 0% cholesterol and a sodium content of 16%. The total carbohydrates are 40g of which the dietary fiber is 12g and sugar is a mere 1g. This much fiber is bound to be good for you. It also gives 11 g of protein.

These buckwheat pancakes provides 6% of Vitamin A, contain 15% of Iron and provide 25% of calcium. The calorie amount is 240 per serving and these pancakes tend to be one of the healthiest meals out there, in terms of pancakes. So it would be right to name them healthy pancakes. Topping these buckwheat pancakes with pure maple syrup, jam, or even nutella, makes for such a delicious morning breakfast.

Buckwheat in itself contains a lot of beneficial nutrients. Rich in many trace minerals such as copper, manganese and magnesium, it provides a good amount of Vitamin B.  Buckwheat is not a grain but it contains something we like to call resistance fiber. Buckwheat helps lower blood sugar after meals. It’s very beneficial for people with diabetes and for those individuals who need to lose weight or are trying to, this reduces cravings and helps in weight loss.  It helps with digestion and does not contain chemicals and also is used to treat high blood pressure. Rutin is extracted from its leaves for blood pressure medicine.

healthy pancakes

So you can see that Buckwheat is one of those amazing food items which provide an endless list of benefits to people. Using it in pancakes can help all those people who want a healthier version of what they had already been eating all their lives.

Can Pancakes be Healthy?

I’m sure we all love pancakes. I certainly do! It is my favorite breakfast of the week and sometimes, twice a week. So what if I like to start my breakfast with something sweet, rather than the same old boiled eggs or whatnot? I like my pancake sweet, sugary, and drowning in maple syrup.

However, lately, my weighing scale had been protesting so I tried to cut back on various food items, not that it had any impact. So I looked sadly at my heaped pancake plate and could not deny the truth. But I always feel that life is too short and that stopping yourself from what you love is cruelty. So while on one hand I wanted to maintain my figure, I also did not want to leave my favorite breakfast item.


I love improvising and that is exactly what I did. The internet is such a wonderful invention. It opens so many doors for you. Apparently, there are so many different ways you can make pancakes which cut back on the calories and give you a boost of energy and since I love cooking from scratch, this wasn’t any hardship for me.

Moving from straight flour pancakes to healthy ones seems a bit too much but the variety out there is astounding and some of them are of really great taste. Whole wheat pancakes and carrot cake pancake are two delicious forms out there which are very easy to make and are both under 350 calories each. Even better than both of these are the whole wheat blueberry pancakes. And they are less than 250 calories. Eating them with a side dish of fruit seems like a heavenly combination!

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Peanut butter pancakes are amazingly good and they give you a higher dose of protein and fats which are good for the heart and these pancakes too tend to offer less than 359 calories and they taste absolutely amazing!

Now we all know that pancake batter includes a little bit of oil. Calories! Calories! Calories! But what if they don’t have to be? Let me introduce you to the Apple Sauce Pancakes. Instead of oil, you put in apple sauce and then using a cooking spray, cook those oil free pancakes, saving yourself the excess fat and calories.

The point is that if you want to eat healthy, there are better and delicious options out there and you only just have to look.

Apple Sauce Pancake Recipe

healthy pancakes

I hate knowing that whenever I eat bite of pancakes, I’m going to put up all the fats and calories somewhere on my body. The very thought is like a physical blow to me. So lately, I decided to make some changes to my diet.

There are lots of pancakes types and recipes out there. Why not go for healthy pancakes? I guess it’s a better option! I mean, it is not necessary that my breakfast has to be three quarters maple syrup, right? If I still wanted to eat this, then I had to learn how to adjust to certain changes.

I tried different new recipes and luckily for me, most of these new recipes tasted absolutely fantastic. My top favorite was the apple sauce pancakes, the healthy pancakes, which had such low calorie content and a very low level of fat that simply eating these yummy pancakes made me smile. I was not going to regret this at all. It is not that difficult to make as well, so I decided to share the recipe.

healthy pancakes


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons toasted wheat germ
  • 1 cup nonfat buttermilk
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten
  • Cooking spray
  • Sugar-free maple syrup (optional)
  • Fresh fruit slices (optional)


  • Take a medium bowl and combine the flour, the baking soda, the salt and the toasted wheat germ in it.
  • Now, with a spoon, make a well in the center of the mixture.
  • Then in this well, add the buttermilk, the unsweetened applesauce, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and the beaten egg and stir until all the ingredients have been mixed properly.
  • Next take a nonstick pan, a skillet to be exact, and coat it with cooking spray and put it over medium heat.
  • Pour 1/4 cup of batter onto the hot pan and spread it around. Cook till the top is covered with bubbles and the side looks done.
  • Flip it over and cook the other side.
  • Then serve it with sugar free maple syrup and fresh fruit.


This is a particularly good recipe for those who avoid sugar content, especially diabetics and the taste of these pancakes is simply heavenly.

Banana Sweet Potato Pancakes with Honey Nut Yogurt

Pancakes are a part of our daily lives. It feeds us warmth and love and it doesn’t matter what diet you want to go on, nothing hurts more than abandoning those sweet tasting bites of love and happiness. I recently had to shed a few of those annoying pounds and everything was fine and dandy till I realized that my favorite twice a week breakfast was going to be banned for me. It was very upsetting so I decided to look for pancakes which were a little healthier perhaps and I came across an amazing assortment.

healthy pancakes

The variety was endless and it amazed me at how creative the human mind can be when pushed. I was accustomed to my simple flour pancakes, doused in maple syrup and maybe a hint of fruit. But these recipes that I was looking at were so unique. There was one in particular which caught my attention. It was titled Banana Sweet Potato Pancakes with Honey Nut Yogurt’. A long name, no doubt, but it seemed absolutely delicious.

The recipe suggested a mixture of roasted sweet potatoes which were included in the batter and you added Greek yogurt sauce as a topping to decrease the sugar. Although it was a vegetable based pancake, it seemed very appealing.

The roasted sweet potatoes added to the fiber content and it made the pancakes quiet moist and delectable. The greek yogurt sauce on the other hand did not just cut down on the sugar. It increased the protein level of the meal and we all know how essential proteins are for weight loss. They build our muscle mass which is a necessary requirement.


The banana portion of the meal helps in digestion and assists one reach their weight loss goals. They help the heart as well and cardiovascular diseases are kept at bay. Along with that, the number of vitamins that that bananas provide is no joke. They are good for our skin, our body and our soul. I always like taking bananas with my pancakes so I was thrilled to see that bananas were the part of my new breakfast meal.

These multiple array of benefits that you get from just this one meal had me rethinking my earlier cry of distress. Maybe it is time for a change. After all, what is life if we do not keep bringing change and development into it!

Apple ring oatmeal pancakes

When it comes to eating healthy pancakes, the list out there is endless with so much variety. Different types of pancakes are available with different nutritious values and each one seems better than the next. But in terms of uniqueness and nutritious, apple ring oatmeal pancakes take the cake.


Apple ring oatmeal pancakes resemble donuts and I love donuts.. They have a whole in their middle and round apple slices are dipped in oatmeal pancake batter and cooked thoroughly. This results in a lot more fruit content and a higher fiber content and way less calories.

These pancakes make a for a good breakfast meal or even a lunch meal> They are very filling and it is a mere 57 calories per ring so for all those weight watchers this is a godsend. It will push along their weight loss journey.

The presence of the apple doesn’t diminish the softness or the moist nature of the pancake. These pancakes cook like the regular ones and when you take a bite you can tell that the apple has softened slightly but there is still the presence of that crispy crunch and the juice is still there. The best part is that you don’t even need an abundant supply of that calorie laden maple syrup. The apple’s sweetness is just right to keep your sweet tooth occupied and satisfied.

pancakesThe calorie content of apple ring oatmeal pancakes is very low. A mere 57 calories per serving. From this, the calories from fat are approximately around 6. It has a total of 0.7g of total fat and 0.2g of saturated fat. 10mg of cholesterol are present in these pancakes and 78mg of Sodium. It has a high potassium content of around 132mg and an 11.5g of carbohydrates. The dietary fiber packed in these healthy yet delicious pancakes is 1.3g and the sugar content is 4.7g. Proteins are 1.5g. Now these pancakes contain 1% of Vitamin A and 3% of Vitamin C. They also provide 3% of Calcium and 3% of Iron.

Apple ring oatmeal pancakes are not merely good for the health but are pretty much good in taste. Obviously you won’t get the same experience as you do when eating the normal floury sugary pancakes which are swimming maple syrup but their taste is unique, different and pretty good. Just because it is supposed to be healthy does not mean that one should assume that the taste will be bad as well.

Buckwheat healthy pancake recipe

Changing your lifestyle to a healthy one is a difficult path. Or so it seems. The thing is that there is a healthy alternative for everything that we eat. If we love eating chips, then instead of fried crisps, we can go for baked crisps. If we like fried chicken, then instead of frying we can grill it. This is the same way for pancake enthusiasts. They would be used to eating pancakes doused in maple syrup and heavy in calories. But what escapes their notice is that the variety of pancakes out there are numerous in terms of healthy pancakes.

healthy pancakes

I recently heard of buckwheat pancakes so I decided to look up its recipe. It seemed like an interesting concept and so I tried it. My first attempt wasn’t so successful but I kept tweaking the recipe till I got the desired taste.

Buckwheat pancakes are amongst the healthiest pancakes out there. They are good for diabetes and help in lowering blood sugar after meals. They also assist in weight loss. Buckwheat pancakes are extremely low in calories and have a high fiber content. They are also good for digestion.

The Buckwheat healthy pancake recipe I finalized and will share with you provides the necessary nutrients that every person needs and is a very fulfilling meal. They also provide you with energy that lasts. SO now instead of taking out that pancake mix out of the cupboard, and whipping yourself up a batch of fresh fatty pancakes, why don’t you try something healthy?




  • 60g (1/2 cup) Buckwheat Flour
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 2-4 packets calorie free sweetener
  • 1/8 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk


  • Take a medium bowl and a whisk. Put the buckwheat flour in it. Add in the baking soda, the sweetener and the salt. Whisk it lightly and make sure it properly mixed.
  • Add in the almond milk slowly as you whisk.
  • Take out a flat, non stick skillet and spray it with cooking spray. Pace it over medium heat.
  • Take a large spoon and scoop out batter onto the skillet
  • Cook one side for two to three minutes. Once it is done, flip the pancake over and cook the other side
  • Serve the pancakes with garnish of choice

Blueberry banana and spinach pancake

It has become a trend to add the greens to our daily meals. And why not? It is certainly more health and it brings a difference in our lifestyle, a good difference.pancake On advice from a close friend who is a fitness freak, I even once added spinach to my fruit smoothie. It didn’t taste bad, if I may say so. A little bland, maybe, but not bad!!!


So when I was told to try Blueberry Banana and Spinach Pancakes, it is understandable that I was curious. A little apprehensive at first, but curious nonetheless. Pancakes is supposed to be a breakfast meal. I didn’t want to eat spinach at breakfast. All vegetable related items are supposed to be consumed as after breakfast meals. Not during breakfast!

However, my friend makes a killer blueberry banana and spinach pancakes and she force fed me the first bite. One bite is all it took. My love affair with these pancakes started. I know it is hard to believe, but they even tasted healthy in a good way. Although their appearance was far from appealing, they had this greenish hue, courtesy of the spinach but, the taste was perfect.


I watched her throw in the ingredients and it took some time but the fiber content provided by the spinach is very high. Along with that basic essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin K and folate are all combined in these delicious blueberry banana and spinach pancakes.

The name Blueberry banana and spinach pancake is enough to define its contents. The taste of the spinach cannot be distinguished from the mixing of flavors of the blueberry, the bananas and the slight maple syrup. The ingredients to this are many aside from what were in the title of this pancake. Items like Soy milk, whole wheat flour, and cinnamon are all mixed together to form this healthy breakfast alternative.



The banana cream sauce which accompanies this dish is a combination of a mashed banana vanilla nonfat Greek Yogurt, and soy milk and this mouthwatering cream just enhances the flavor of the pancakes whilst working its own magic on your taste buds. The entire meal contains around 300 calories which is not a bad deal if I may say so myself. It also has 4% fat overall which is not that much. This meal is nutritious, healthy and a dream for all those who wish to change their lifestyle into a healthy one.